Gallagher’s Really ARE Planning 700+ Homes

You were warned and now we have the proof, despite recent denials and assurances, that Gallagher Estates ARE already lobbying (and have been for some time) to EXTEND the Bleakhouse Farm development site to enable the building of 750+ houses on current GREEN BELT land adjacent to Bleakhouse Farm.

Gallaghers are saying that BDC will not have enough houses to satisfy the Core Strategy figures and therefore they are objecting to the draft and saying that there should be more land made available (A & B) at Bleakhouse to help meet the requirements.

When the core strategy was consulted on, Gallagher’s response was to threaten Bromsgrove DC with legal challenge for under-providing housing land in the plan.


If they now submit a planning application for the area in yellow and BDC reject as it is green belt, Gallagher’s will challenge it as being able to be exempted from green belt for “special circumstances” i.e. that BDC continue to under provide for housing land.

Issues therefore are if they submit an application;

Will WRA or the parish be any more effective in resisting a green belt application?

Will the officers and planning committee really say no?

Will the planning inspector support the council on appeal even if they do so now?

It seems we are seeing Gallagher’s upping the ante particularly as they have potentially lost LowBrook Farm – though that is likely to be appealed as well!


Here are the supporting documents:

DSC2 and TCAAP Response Form Core Policy 1_A

DSC2 and TCAAP Response Form Core Policy 2_A

DSC2 and TCAAP Response Form Core Policy 4B_A

Bromsgrove’s Response To These Documents

These documents are dated from July 2011, so it has ALWAYS been Gallagher’s intention to push for more development, just as we predicted.

So, before the ink is even dry on the outline planning permission, we now face an immediate and credible threat to what is presently green belt land.


click to enlarge (and enrage)

And here’s the reminder of how Gallagher’s own web site is promoting the site in Wythall. No mention of 170 houses here, only 750.


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