Planning Granted At Bleakhouse Farm

Click HereWytahll Bleakhouse Farm development site to view the planning application approval letter and terms attached to it for the development of up to 178 homes at Bleakhouse Farm.

Objections are closed and the land has been sold to Miller Homes who will no doubt commence building shortly.

Details of the development don’t appear on the Miller Homes web site just yet, but if you look through their web site, or through the planning application, you’ll see the kind of houses they are planning to build.

Miller Homes have several other developments that are quite close, in Knowle (Arden Fields), Shirley (Mounts Chase), Kidderminster (Sutton Goldings), Worcester (Elgar Grange), Tutbury (Doves Keep) and no doubt others to come.

It will be interesting to see what they’ll call the Gorsey Lane development, but it’ll be more to do with marketing than it does to have with the area.

Watch for planning variations and additional applications as this development starts and remember, we believe that the number of houses eventually built will be nearer 800, despite the denials from Gallaghers prior to this application being approved.

Note the red outline of the proposed site and take a look at all of the green space around and next to it. Chances are, it won’t be there for long!


Wythall Dog Walkers

There seems to be an increasing number of dog walkers who are not cleaning up after their pets in the street and even on other people’s gardens.

As if that isn’t bad enough, some dog walkers are placing the mess into bags, but leaving them on the ground!

It only takes a moment to clean up after a dog and deposit the waste into a bin. Any bin will do, though we do have several designated dog waste bins in the area, so there really isn’t any excuse for this anti-social behaviour.

I’m a dog walker myself, so I’m not criticising from an uninformed perspective – please pick up your dog mess.

It’s so tempting to invite residents to photograph or video the dog walkers responsible for leaving the mess and send the photos for publication here – a wall of shame might just provide the incentive required for better behaviour.

Alternatively, a note to your local councillor might help highlight the fact that Wythall is quickly becoming a cesspool.


An Offer From Anglo Italian Tiles

Did you know that Anglo Italian Tiles has been trading in this area for 60 years?

Here’s a message the owners sent this week – read it because there’s a great offer for our visitors that could result in significant savings if you’re considering updating your bathroom or kitchen;

“Our company has deep historical roots in Wythall and started trading in 1949.
Our main site was in Houndsfield lane in 50’s, 60’s and 70’s before moving to the Maypole and later Hollywood Lane.
We now trade form our offices on the Alcester Road.
Local people have both supported and benefitted from our services for over 60 years.

Our new showroom is a hidden gem in the heart of our village.
We pride ourselves on supplying and installing stylish tiles and sanitary ware to peoples homes .many of our products are Italian but we also source from Britian and locally including Birmingham where possible.
All our staff and installers are local people who pride themselves on good customer service.
So our message is – if anyone is looking for quality tiles and bathrooms supplied and fitted professionally at competitive prices, then look no further than your local family tile and bathroom shop.
we offer a 20% discount to anyone who mentions ‘ contact’

Visit the Anglo Italian Tiles web site at

Can’t say fairer than that.

If any other local business would like to get in touch and have a mention on these pages, feel free.


Threshers Store Wythall

proposed elevation former Threshers WythallWe were contacted this week by a resident concerned at the current and deteriorating condition of the former Threshers premises on the corner of Station Road and Lea Green Lane.

Having contacted One Stop about the state of the building and the car park, he was told that they do not own the building and the sale was never completed, therefore the responsibility for the site lies with the landlord, thought to be a Mr Sanghera. this afternoon spoke with the agents handling enquiries on this property, Bartlett Property who confirmed that One Stop will indeed be taking possession of the site and are waiting for the landlord to commence works on extending the property, as outlined in planning application number 12/0060 dated 30 January 2012. Planning was granted on 2 March 2012.

The planning application refers to a single storey extension at the rear of the property and isn’t the first time such an application has been made.

We know from the licensing application, that One Stop will be opening from 6am to 11pm every day and their recent rebranding exercise means that Wythall is likely to be saddled with either a red and blue or worse, a bright and brash yellow frontage that will be seen from Norton Lane, Lea Green Lane and Station Road.

For those people who are currently using the car park as a park and ride, your days appear to be numbered.


Little Boxes, Little Boxes

Bromsgrove District Council today informed local residents of the revised planning application for Gorsey lane, Wythall (previously known as Bleakhouse Farm), submitted by the joint developer, Miller Homes.

If you’d like to see the full application, it’s available by clicking here.

Here’s a selection of some of the styles of housing being proposed for this facsimile estate.

new house style proposed for Wythall
new house style proposed for Wythall
new house style proposed for Wythall
new house style proposed for Wythall
new house style proposed for Wythall
new house style proposed for Wythall
new house style proposed for Wythall

There are a few more styles, but as they all look remarkably similar, only a small selection has been included on this page.

The site is already being cleared and the developers signs are now erected, so the planning application is just a formality.

Remember, before all of this was approved, we warned you that the original application, once granted, would be extended from the original 178 proposed homes to something like 750. This hasn’t happened yet, but it will.

The current plot will be extended considerably until it reaches Lea Green Lane and possibly Alcester Road. That’s the price of complacency folks.

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